Odoo 9 community vs. enterprise features. Document is still in draft.

Services Odoo 8 Odoo 9 Community Odoo 9 Enterprise
Community Forum X X X
Upgrades to future versions / / X
Bugfixes Guarantee / / X
Support / / X
Features   Odoo 9 Community Odoo 9 Enterprise
Basic Accounting X Improved Improved
Accounting Reports static static dynamic
Statement Import: Coda X Improved Improved
Accounting Dashboard / X X
Bank Interfaces (U.S., NZ, Canada) / / X
Statement Import: OFX, QIF / X X
Check Printing & Deposit / / X
Customer Follow-ups basic basic Improved
User Interface
Desktop X Improved Improved
Android CRM / X X
Mobile UI / / X
New Design / / X
Project Management
Tasks X Improved Improved
Issues X Improved Improved
Timesheets Former version Improved Improved
Timesheet Chrome plugin & mobile app / / X
Forecasts / / X
Sales Management
CRM X Improved Improved
Sales X Improved Improved
Contracts Former version Improved Improved
Customer Portal X X Improved
eSignature / / X
Subscriptions / / X
Digital products / X X
Human Resources
Holidays X Improved Improved
Employee Directory X Improved Improved
Recruitments X Improved Improved
Appraisals Former version Improved Improved
Departments Dashboard / X X
Inventory Management X Improved Improved
Barcode support Former version Improved Improved
Integration with UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS / / X
Inter-company rules / X X
Website Builder
Website Builder X Improved Improved
Blog X Improved Improved
Form builder / / X
Call-to-Actions Blocks / / X
Versioning / X X
A/B Testing / X X
Full eCommerce X Improved Improved
Authorize.net integration / X X
Shipping Integration / / X
eBay Connector / / X
Amazon Connector / / X
Coupons / / X
Point of Sale
Point of Sale X X X
Point of Sale for Restaurants / X X
Loyalty cards / / X
Events X Improved Improved
Expenses X Improved Improved
Mass mailing X Improved Improved
Mass Mailing Templates / / X
Live Chat X Improved Improved
Usability improvements / X X
Google Spreadsheet X X X
Document Management (slides) / X X
Planner (first weeks onboarding) / X X
Reporting X Improved Improved

Odoo 9 Feature Split – OpenCore pdf version.


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