Auto reload Odoo server after Python code change

When you’re developing custom module or working on Python code, Odoo server needs to be restarted on every code change.

To make your life easier auto reload Odoo server after Python code change.

Option –auto-reload monitors the source code and automatically restart Odoo server if changes are detected.

Example of usage:

./ -d test_database --auto-reload

This is a Linux-only feature.

The pyinotify Python package is required, and it should be installed either through apt-get or pip:

Using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install python-pyinotify

Using pip:

pip install pyinotify


If you use PyCharm or some other IDE with auto save, disable auto save before using –auto-reload option.

Happy coding…


Odoo thousands separator

How to define Odoo thousands separator?

Accountants are used to the thousands separator e.g. 100000.00 EUR is represented as 100,000.00.
The setup of the thousands separator is located under:
Settings > Translations > Languages.

Odoo thousands separator

For each language, you can set a different separator format.

3 options modify the format of a number:

Separator format: number of digits between separators
Decimal Separator: character displayed before the decimals
Thousands Separator: the character displayed at each separation

The correct form for a separator between each 3 digits whatever the number of digits is: [3,0]

You have to logout and login again to see the change.

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That’s all folks!


Change Odoo decimal precision configuration

Change Odoo decimal precision configuration in few easy steps.

1.) Make sure your techincal features are turned on (Go to Settings/Users/admin)

Change Odoo decimal precision configuration

2.) Change accounting settings (Go to Settings/Configuration/Accounting)
Change Decimal precision on journal entries to 4.

Change Odoo decimal precision configuration

Change Rounding factor to 0.000100 in your Default Company Currency Setting (Go to Settings/Configuration/Accounting/Default company currency).

3.) Change Decimal Accuracy setting (Go to Settings/Database Structure/Decimal Accuracy)
Change value of Product Price and Account to 4.

Change Odoo decimal precision configuration

And the final result is Quote or Sales Order with 4 digits.

Final result


Odoo 9 Community and Enterprise editions

According to Antony Lesuisse (Odoo CTO) and his technical announcement to odoo community Odoo 9 will have two flavors (Community and Enterprise).

Odoo Enterprise will consist of Odoo Community plus a set of enterprise only
features (or in technical term, an additional repository with extra modules).

Some new features that have been under developement latetly will be in
enterprise such as electronic signature, integration with shipping providers.
For example the crm_voip module (currently published as a paid app on the app
store) will be in the enterprise repository. However core modules like the new
accounting remains in the Community version.

Odoo community will be supported as much as Odoo enterprise, Odoo Community is
the foundation of Odoo Enterprise and it will remain free and open source as LGPL.

Read technical announcement

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Odoo 9 new features

There is no officially published list of new functionality. For now we can only speculate.
One thing is certain the ‘new’ API would be the ONLY API supported in Odoo 9.
Backward compatibility will be removed in Odoo 9 and all future modules must be developed using the ‘new’ API.

Update from #OdooExperience is that the “old API” will be supported until v10 or v11.

Fabien Pinckaers latest comments about Odoo 9 are that there is no deadline. Odoo will release new version when it’s ready. Most probably in 2015. You can read full comment here.

Friday, May 8, 2015 – Update about release date by Alexandre Vandermeersch on behalf of Odoo s.a. management team:

We expect the Odoo 9 release (both editions) to happen around August-September.

I expect a lot more information after Odoo Experience 2015.

Odoo experience 2015 highlights:

1.) New accounting
Shops and restaurants management
New marketing apps

Also Fabien Pinckaers and odoo twitter feed listed some new features:

Accounting Module re-write
– Voice over IP Module

– New drag and drop Gantt and smart capacity planning

Odoo 9 new features
– An improved forum with social network integration
UX improvements
– New functionalities & usability improvements in new summernote website editor.

Odoo 9 new features

– New call-to-actions for landing pages
– Project management updates

Odoo 9 new fetaures

– Call-to-actions for other pages (eg. a bounceexchange clone…)
– A much better mass mailing app (new email designer, more stats)
– A tracking system from visitors to invoice (even before visitors become leads)
– A rule based scoring system for leads (inspired by kissmetrics)
– An open source slideshare clone (share presentations, videos, docs)
– Electronic Signature for contracts, employment contracts, nda…
– Mask designer

Odoo 9 new features

– A versioning and A\B testing tool for CMS
Odoo 9 lets you create different versions of your website, save all modifications in various versions, retrieve them or delete the versions. Now you’ll never lose any changes you make to your website. Odoo 9 allows you to test different versions of your website and to choose the best one by simply using A/B testing.

Gallery snippet for the website builder


– A new building block for eCommerce  – now you can describe your product details in a table.

Odoo 9 new features– Better SEO with promote adapted to languages
– A link shortener and tracker ( integrated with UTM and stats)


Watch the keynote from the Odoo experience 2015