Set default value for a field in Odoo interface

To set default value for a field in Odoo interface you have to activate the ‘developer mode’.

  1. Click on your name on the upper right corner
  2. Click on ‘About OpenERP’
  3. Click on ‘Activate the developer mode’

After that you should see a selection box on the top of each form.

Enter default value in a field and choose ‘Set Defaults’ from developer selection box.

You can also choose if it is default value to all users or only to you.

Set default value for a field in Odoo interface


Auto reload Odoo server after Python code change

When you’re developing custom module or working on Python code, Odoo server needs to be restarted on every code change.

To make your life easier auto reload Odoo server after Python code change.

Option –auto-reload monitors the source code and automatically restart Odoo server if changes are detected.

Example of usage:

./ -d test_database --auto-reload

This is a Linux-only feature.

The pyinotify Python package is required, and it should be installed either through apt-get or pip:

Using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install python-pyinotify

Using pip:

pip install pyinotify


If you use PyCharm or some other IDE with auto save, disable auto save before using –auto-reload option.

Happy coding…


Odoo 9 community vs. enterprise features

Odoo 9 community vs. enterprise features. Document is still in draft.

Services Odoo 8 Odoo 9 Community Odoo 9 Enterprise
Community Forum X X X
Upgrades to future versions / / X
Bugfixes Guarantee / / X
Support / / X
Features   Odoo 9 Community Odoo 9 Enterprise
Basic Accounting X Improved Improved
Accounting Reports static static dynamic
Statement Import: Coda X Improved Improved
Accounting Dashboard / X X
Bank Interfaces (U.S., NZ, Canada) / / X
Statement Import: OFX, QIF / X X
Check Printing & Deposit / / X
Customer Follow-ups basic basic Improved
User Interface
Desktop X Improved Improved
Android CRM / X X
Mobile UI / / X
New Design / / X
Project Management
Tasks X Improved Improved
Issues X Improved Improved
Timesheets Former version Improved Improved
Timesheet Chrome plugin & mobile app / / X
Forecasts / / X
Sales Management
CRM X Improved Improved
Sales X Improved Improved
Contracts Former version Improved Improved
Customer Portal X X Improved
eSignature / / X
Subscriptions / / X
Digital products / X X
Human Resources
Holidays X Improved Improved
Employee Directory X Improved Improved
Recruitments X Improved Improved
Appraisals Former version Improved Improved
Departments Dashboard / X X
Inventory Management X Improved Improved
Barcode support Former version Improved Improved
Integration with UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS / / X
Inter-company rules / X X
Website Builder
Website Builder X Improved Improved
Blog X Improved Improved
Form builder / / X
Call-to-Actions Blocks / / X
Versioning / X X
A/B Testing / X X
Full eCommerce X Improved Improved integration / X X
Shipping Integration / / X
eBay Connector / / X
Amazon Connector / / X
Coupons / / X
Point of Sale
Point of Sale X X X
Point of Sale for Restaurants / X X
Loyalty cards / / X
Events X Improved Improved
Expenses X Improved Improved
Mass mailing X Improved Improved
Mass Mailing Templates / / X
Live Chat X Improved Improved
Usability improvements / X X
Google Spreadsheet X X X
Document Management (slides) / X X
Planner (first weeks onboarding) / X X
Reporting X Improved Improved

Odoo 9 Feature Split – OpenCore pdf version.


Odoo [Errno 98] Address already in use

Sometimes you may encounter an error in development or production [Errno 98] Address already in use.
This error is due to openerp-service or some other service already use port defined in your Odoo config.
You could try to change the port 8069 to any other port  and restart the server but that’s not the right way.

Just apply the command

sudo ps aux | grep openerp

which will show you the port on which openerp server is in running state.
Then kill the specific process.

sudo kill -9 id

For example sudo kill -9 999

Restart odoo server and that’s it.